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How Ralph Waldo Emerson Changed American Poetry

The listlessness of Emerson’s poetry is surprising, given the veneration he expressed for the art. Some of his best prose is devoted to lobbying for the special advantages of poetry. These works are thrilling because they are written in thrilling sentences. This does not necessarily imply that Emerson’s poetry will be thrilling, though he must…

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Emerson‘s “Self-Reliance”

How is this essay more focused than Nature? What seems to be the thrust of the discussion? “Self-Reliance” was published five years after Nature; do you see any development in Emerson’s thought during that period, or does “Self-Reliance” just recapitulate the ideas of Nature? You might look for passages in “Self-Reliance” that seem to echo…

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Lessons in Nature from Ralph Waldo Emerson – Discussion Materials

Make the words of Transcendental philosopher and writer Ralph Waldo Emerson come alive for your students with breath-taking photography in this two-day class discussion activity with optional independent writing activity. This packet includes 12 visually arresting images from nature coupled with quotations from Nature and Self-Reliance, two of Emerson’s most-noted works. Images are in both…

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