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Ralph Waldo Emerson. Lectures and Biographical Sketches. Edward W. Emerson, editor. Boston, 1883 and 1892.

Sovereignty of Ethics

Sovereignty of Ethics “The Sovereignty of Ethics” by Ralph Waldo Emerson Reprinted from the North American Review, of May, 1878. Vol. X. 12. Emerson, Ralph Waldo . Lectures and Biographical Sketches . pp. 175-206. THESE rules were writ in human heart By Him who built the day; The columns of the universe Not firmer based than they. Thou shalt not try To plant thy shrivelled pedantry On the shoulders of the sky. THE SOVEREIGNTY OF ETHICS. SINCE the discovery of Oersted that galvanism and electricity and magnetism are only forms of one and the same force, and convertible each into the other, we have continually suggested to us a larger generalization: that each of the great departments…

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Mary Moody Emerson

Mary Moody Emerson from: Lectures and Biographical Sketches , Ralph Waldo Emerson . pp. 371-404 THE yesterday doth never smile, To-day goes drudging through the while, Yet in the name of Godhead, I The morrow front and can defy; Though I am weak, yet God, when prayed, Cannot withhold his conquering aid. Ah me ! it was my childhood’s thought, If He should make my web a blot On life’s fair picture of delight, My heart’s content would find it right. But 0, these waves and leaves, — When happy, stoic Nature grieves, — No human speech so beautiful As their murmurs mine to lull. On this altar God hath built I lay my vanity and guilt;…

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