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Ralph Waldo Emerson. Lectures and Biographical Sketches. Edward W. Emerson, editor. Boston, 1883 and 1892.

Sovereignty of Ethics

Sovereignty of Ethics By Ralph Waldo Emerson SINCE the discovery of Oersted that galvanism and electricity and magnetism are only forms of one and the same force, and convertible each into the other, we have continually suggested to us a larger generalization: that each of the great departments of Nature – chemistry, vegetation, the animal life -exhibits the same laws on a different plane; that the intellectual and moral worlds are analogous to the material. “The Sovereignty of Ethics” by Ralph Waldo Emerson Reprinted from the North American Review, of May, 1878. Vol. X. 12. Emerson, Ralph Waldo . Lectures and Biographical Sketches . pp. 175-206. Summary: The excellence of men consists…

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Mary Moody Emerson

Mary Moody Emerson By Ralph Waldo Emerson Aunt of Mr. Emerson, and a potent influence on the lives of him and his brothers. This paper was read before the “Woman’s Club,” in Boston, in 1869, under the title “Amita,” which was also the original superscription of the “Nun’s Aspiration,” in his Poems; a rendering into verse of a passage in Miss Emerson’s diary. Part of this poem forms the motto of this chapter. Summary: I WISH to meet the invitation with which the ladies have honored me by offering them a portrait of real life. It is a representative life, such as could hardly have…

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