Dial Essays (1841)

Michael Angelo

Michael Angelo “Michael Angelo, Considered as a Philosophic Poet” from Uncollected Prose , Dial Essays 1841 Michael Angelo, considered as a Philosophic Poet, with Translations. By JOHN EDWARD TAYLOR. London: Saunders & Otley, Conduit Street. 1840. We welcome this little book with joy, and a hope that it may be republished in Boston. It would find, probably, but a small circle of readers, but that circle would be more ready to receive and prize it than the English public for whom it was intended, if we may judge by the way in which Mr. Taylor, all through his prefatory essay, has considered it necessary to apologize for, or, at least, explain views very commonly received…

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Essays and Poems

Essays and Poems Essays and Poems. By JONES VERY. Boston: C. C. Little and James Brown. This little volume would have received an earlier notice, if we had been at all careful to proclaim our favorite books. The genius of this book is religious, and reaches an extraordinary depth of sentiment. The author, plainly a man of a pure and kindly temper, casts himself into the state of the high and transcendental obedience to the inward Spirit. He has apparently made up his mind to follow all its leadings, though he should be taxed with absurdity or even with insanity. In this enthusiasm he writes most of these verses, which…

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Walter Savage Landor

Walter Savage Landor We sometimes meet in a stage coach in New England an erect muscular man, with fresh complexion and a smooth hat, whose nervous speech instantly betrays the English traveller; — a man nowise cautious to conceal his name or that of his native country, or his very slight esteem for the persons and the country that surround him. When Mr. Bull rides in an American coach, he speaks quick and strong, he is very ready to confess his ignorance of everything about him, persons, manners, customs, politics, geography. He wonders that the Americans should build with wood, whilst all this stone is lying in the roadside, and…

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