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A selection of Ralph Waldo Emerson's writings for searching and browsing

What's New

bulletOctober 2003: while I have not made changes to this What's New page for some time, the site has been regularly revised to add and revise pages.
bulletJune 2002: link to Wisdom Quotes: quotations pages include Emerson: Quotations, Individuality and Integrity, Ideals, Fear, Risk, Security, Life, Readiness, Action, Knowledge, Books, Education, Mind, Happiness, Money, Creativity and more.
bulletMay 2001-June 2002 - many small edits
bulletApril 2001: improved navigation, many small edits and revisions. Added link to Sprinks for Net searching ease and to help support this site when users click on paid Sprinks links. (later removed)
bulletLife of Ralph Waldo Emerson added. Early Poems completed.
bulletAdditions, early 2001: English Traits in progress. Revised inaccurate edition of "New England Reformers." Emerson Poems in progress. Discussions have been moved to a better host and format. The search function has also been improved!
bulletA fun quiz I may add more questions later.  For now, it's just an experiment.
bulletLate 2000 revisions: Essays- Second Series (1844), Representative Men (1850), and The Conduct of Life (1860) have been completed (with some minor proofreading left), and several email mailing lists have been established.

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